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Music Thread

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Music Thread

Post  gregrowlerson on Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:06 am

We have heaps of great threads on here…even a sports one. But if we have a sports one than there should definitely be a music one. I like music more than sport J


I think that music influences us more than sport anyway; at least it is more meaningful. Most of the more meaningful and important aspects of my existence can be traced or linked to music; perhaps a direct artist or an actual song. Maybe in this thread WAA members can discuss their favourite artists/songs, plus also any greater significance that they hold for them.


INXS are a band that I like very muchly, although there are probably still at least fifteen artists that I like more (I like a lot of music) J But they are a band that typifies music for me pretty well. For starters, I jumped on their bandwagon very late…often I get into a band well after they reach their peak in terms of popularity. Despite growing up in Australia in the ‘90’s (I started to listen to music a lot in about 1990, went away from it in about 1994 before returning to it in a big way in 1997) I just didn’t get into INXS. Oh, I heard their songs on the radio from time to time, but as a pre-teen I was actually into ‘uncooler’ music, or at least less dancey. Stuff like John Farnham, Phil Collins and Bryan Adams. And then in ’97 I got into rap music. Firstly with a Will Smith album (my first ever CD), and then onto stuff more ‘gangsta’ (embarrassed smiley). Warren G and Snoop Doggy Dogg were my next two albums! So here I was, a boy of sixteen, who was super shy and generally very nice and with great morals, and yet I was listening to stuff with rather horrendous lyrics! I would laugh sometimes at how I was so much unlike the music I was listening to (and actually really liking). But it’s like with those mafia dudes, who listen to all that heavenly classical…they are the ones out their being gangsta lol I was just watching NBA basketball and doing my homework J


I think there are many contradictions to what people watch/listen to, and their actual behaviour and nature. A lot of people play computer games that involve killing loads of people/creatures, yet they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Others may watch ‘adult’ television shows, perhaps something like Skins, but that doesn’t mean that they swear all the time and do drugs. The person who watches that show can actually be super dooper sweet.


It wasn’t until this century that I started to give more ‘real’ music a go, and this started with mainstream American rock, like Green Day and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. But it was in about 2002 when I started to become properly diverse. For some reason I gave Oasis a try, and surprised myself by loving their famous What’s The Story Morning Glory Album. I quickly got into their other two early albums, Definitely Maybe & Be Here Now, both also favourites. But my love of British music and for experimentation was really confirmed by Radiohead. I think it was even before any Oasis that I bought the much lauded Ok Computer. I strongly disliked it! Only one song – No Surprises – did I deem listenable. But yet I kept listening. Every now and then I’d break it out and give it another go. Slowly I felt the album growing on me, and it was with some genuine joy that I realised that after what must have been about twenty-five listens, a couple of songs that I’d thought were among the worst – Exit Music For A Film & Climbing Up The Walls – had a real magic about them. This stuff was deep, at least for me, and it was uplifting. Music can take you to great highs, and it was around this time that I was discovering this. For me, it also proved that persistence can pay off, and that it was worth buying some albums even without having heard of the artist before. I began to read a lot about albums and artists online, and there was one site which would link other artists that they believed were similar (in some cases I did not agree). I think it was Radiohead that linked me to the Doves, another British band, and it was a magnificent risk to buy their album without my ear drums having previously taken in any of their majestic sound. Lost Souls was one of the more defining albums for me, and in fact I would go on to see this band live twice. Both were moments of some significance. The first, in around mid 2005 was a positive solo trip that I wrote a song about (I used to write songs…very bad songs hehe), and then I saw them again at the end of that year in England, during my first trip overseas. That leads me to my falling for INXS. On my contiki tour that December around western Europe, our bus song that was played every morning to start our day, was New Sensation. I quickly adored this song, and upon re-arrival in Australia, bought INXS’ greatest hits. It was one of those “Where have you been all my life?” kinda moments!  


And that is just a rather minor example in terms of music and life influence.


As discussed on another thread, my second favourite band/artist is Jimmy Eat World, an American act. They are considered punk, but are really rather melodic, and have incredibly deep lyrics. I have seen them live; I think it was early 2011 with my brother and some friends.


One of those friends introduced me to them (in about 2004 maybe?), and it’s funny how things happen, because I quickly became a bigger fan than he was! I was getting their latest albums, and he’d let them slide, and I was like, “You have to give this stuff a try! It’s better than Bleed American!” With that being their height of popularity. Some might know The Middle. Tragically it’s the only song of theirs that has ever been played much on Australian commercial radio. I could make up a triple album of their best of without that song making the cut!


In the past twelve to eighteen months he has rediscovered them, and is loving them just as much as I am. We both adore the album Chase This Light, the bands fifth. As a role reversal, I introduced him to his favourite band ever Art Of Fighting, and to their singer Ollie Browne (who tragically for my mate has just become engaged hehe). They are a highly obscure band. I heard them on community radio once and decided to give them a try, and they were absolutely amazing. For a long time they were my favourite band (my mate James and I have seen them a number of times live…though he many more than I as he was basically stalking them for a time!), but have now slipped to third on my list. I think this is mainly because their lyrics were just too negative. It was always one sad song after another, and yes it is true that often the best stuff artistically is created through sadness and great pain, but the grandiose uplifting positivity of Angels & Airwaves (and to a lesser extent Jimmy Eat World) has made them, not irrelevant, but, I don’t know….I just feel much happier when listening to A&A. They put me on a much greater high. And I don’t think that it’s uncool to be happy and to try to be as positive as possible.


“I’m just saying that this time I feel it now.”


Some songs can have lyrics that we relate to very strongly personally, and some can also change in how we refer to them over time; perhaps we see them in a different light, or relate them to somebody else. And even the lyrics in songs I will interpret sometimes differently to how they were actually intended. For example, with the hit rap song Boom Shake The Room in 1993, I always thought it was, “And like Jordan, jump up scoring.” Many years later I would learn that it was “yeah” rather than “jump”. Back in’93 I didn’t relate scoring to censored lol! And I guess that Will Smith was doing quite a lot of that, back in the days when MJ was pouring in thirty points per game.


One of my favourite songs by The Script is called For The First Time (I think), but I often get mixed up as to whether it’s, “We just now got the feeling that we’re meeting, for the first time”, or “needing” instead of “meeting”. Even just now I’ve forgotten what it is! But I think that whatever is actually correct I always used to sing incorrectly.


So hear is a top twenty list of my favourites (subject to changing rather often lol; particularly outside the top five):


1.      Angels & Airwaves

2.      Jimmy Eat World

3.      Art Of Fighting

4.      Holly Throsby

5.      Emiliana Torrini

6.      The Script

7.      Coldplay

8.      Oasis

9.      Third Eye Blind

10.  The Streets

11.  Miley Cyrus

12.  Roxette

13.  Warren G

14.  Billy Joel

15.  Bryan Adams

16.  Doves

17.  Deflepard

18.  Alanis Morrisete (never sure of this spelling!)

19.  Avril Lavigne

20.  Wallflowers


Radiohead and INXS didn’t even make the cut!


There are some other artists threatening to push their way onto this list, but you need to have released more than one album to qualify by my reckoning. I keep forgetting and then remembering other artists too. For example piano led groups like Five For Fighting and Daniel Powter I like many songs of, and should see if they have new albums.


If I were to list artists in order of importance, than I it would create a different look entirely.


I have been fortunate enough to see many of the aforementioned artists live, including the first four. Though Holly Throsby almost shouldn’t count, as when I saw her it was a support act to the band I was there to see (Art Of Fighting), and I merely found her to be pleasant. It was only about six years later, when for some reason I remembered her and decided to try one of her albums, that I discovered a love for her music.


There have been some near misses with gigs. I think that with Emiliana Torrini she was last on my shores just before I got into her, and Third Eye Blind were here a year or two back, but I only found out the week beforehand and their show had already sold out. It’s surprising that I don’t miss more shows, as especially nowadays I don’t bother to google bands much and to see what they are doing as far as tours go. I am lucky that my good mate James lives music even more than I do, and is always keeping up to date with what is happening. He let me know earlier this year that Holly Throsby was playing, but I decided not to go as she was only performing her children’s album See! (and I had nobody to go with; I do like this album nevertheless), and well, a grown man going to a show with just kids would look rather weird.


I suppose I could have worn a onesie suit J


I have also been informed that Jimmy Eat World might be touring Australia later this year! At this stage it is just a rumour.


Anyhoo, feel free to post south whatever you like about artists and songs, maybe live gigs you’ve been to. Isn’t it music that makes the world go round (or if it’s money then I strongly disagree hehe)? Or at the very least, it is the universal language. Oh yes indeedy.

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Re: Music Thread

Post  princesspurplehippy on Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:01 pm

this is a good thread for me too, where to start

I suppose that when it comes to music I have been blessed with not only with a passion for music of all sorts but more importantly two other things

1. A family with broad taste and passion for music

2. Being born Welsh, as the saying goes when a Welsh baby is born and the nurse smacks it, it doesnt cry its sings Men of Harlech in perfect pitch Laughing

Seriously!!!! I am lucky that I was born in the mid 70s to young parents. I grew up in a house where there was always music around, from my mum's taste of Motown, Dusty Springfield, David Essex, Phil Collins and Genesis etc to my dad's taste of blues from Robert Johnson to Muddy Waters, Rock, alternative and a few forays into prog rock (Yes, ELO, Pink Floyd) 

My aunts and uncles were also young, in many cases in their early teens and they introduced me to punk (Stranglers, The Jamm, etc) to also things like Bob Marley and The Police. My aunt Jennifer was very much into the Beatles, Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane and I did like listening to them and still like their music Somewhere along the way I also developed a love for musicals, don't ask me where that came from as none of my parents like them and is very irritated when I watched them as a kid and sang along 

I attended a Welsh language school where it was discovered I had quite a decent voice and so I was introduced to the traditional songs and also the staple of the Welsh choir!!! That gave me a passion for a lot of traditional music and how they are much different and similar to what is around now

So growing up I loved listening to music varying from folk music at one end to Alice Cooper and Meatloaf at the other. In the 80s I got into the rock bands like Guns & Roses, Def Leppard, Skid Row etc then as the 90s came around I discovered Nirvana and the whole grunge thing, with the main bands I liked were Nirvana, Soundgarden. Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Silverchair but at the same time I was still into my rock with INXS and the like but I never really got that into the whole Britpop, Oasis, Blur thing but some of their songs are great. I also liked thing like Manic Street Preachers

Coming into the noughties I got into the whole new wave 'punk' thing like Jimmy Eat World, and then a few of the new 'nu metal' stuff that was around. GR I think you should give an American band called 311 a go, they are one of those bands who are big in America but couldnt get arrested anywhere else. They are a bit of a mixture of rap, rhythmic but with great melodic vocals and some slappy bass (like Flea in the Chilli Peppers)

Now I'm getting into the new wave of folk music like Mumford & Sons and Seth Lakeman, and I'm now in my late 30s with probably the most eclectic cd collection going, most of the bands on GRs list I love and if I havent heard of them I will google them. I am off to a gig on Friday to see a band called The Levellers who are an amazing folk band and I'm ready for a bit of jiggling around to a bit of fiddle and bass

Forgot to add I play the bodhrain (irish drum) reasonably well and the bass guitar, quite badly due to my small pudgy fingers.

My list is not of fave bands but of songs that I love and give me goosepimples

1. Mr Blue Sky  (ELO)

2. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)

3. Heaven Can Wait (MeatLoaf)

4 Dance with the Devil (Cozy Powell)

5 Perfect (Alanis Morrisette)

6. Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana)

7. Free Falling (Tom Petty)

8. The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)

9. White Hare (Seth Lakeman)

10. The Authority Song (Jimmy Eat World)

11. Freak (Silverchair)

12. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)

13. All Along the Watchtower (Jimmy Hendrix)

14. Entangled (Genesis)

15 Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)

pretty much anything by Green Day

and many, many, many, many more

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Re: Music Thread

Post  gregrowlerson on Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:09 pm

WOW PPH! Awesome reply! And I've been thinking about these favourite songs for a lot of today. So oh well; here goes an attempt at a top twenty for me. Probably only the top seven would be staples in it as whatever my 80th favourite is right now could be in my top twenty next month Very Happy Also I just really like a lot of songs, and there are probably numerous ones that I am forgetting in this list.

1. Flight Of Apollo - Angels & Airwaves (Epic!)
2. Things Between People - Holly Throsby (Deep lyrics, "And I reel her in", she has a wonderful fragile voice)
3. Every Tear Is A Waterfall - Coldplay (such an uplifting song, and then the crescendo at the end, oh my)
4. Break For Me - Art Of Fighting (used to by my favourite, amazing, delicate, Ollie's voice at his best)
5. Call To Arms - Angels & Airwaves (like a marching band on acid, anthemic, incredible love song, pure pop)
6. Blinded - Third Eye Blind (pure pop again lol, even gets a little Censored , again an epic love tale, of course!)
7. The Climb - Miley Cyrus (positivity, it's the journey not the destination, can't feel bad listening to it)
8. Glowing - The Script (Great all the way, but it gets even better at the end)
9. Switching Off With You - Elbow (first wedding dance song? "you the only sense, the world has ever made")
10. The Scientist - Coldplay (my favourite song when it came out, especially love the "ooh's" at the close)
11. Shove - Angels & Airwaves (how in the hell could this song be outside the top ten?)
12. Darker - Doves (a b-side somehow, probably my favourite solo in a song, a little electronic)
13. All Goes Out The Window - The Streets (interesting lyrics with the masterful Mike Skinner at the helm)
14. Hallucinations - Angels & Airwaves (one of their many songs that should have been a radio mega hit!)
15. Same Mistake - James Blunt (a sad song, but an epic one, again a song with "ooooohs" in it!)
16. Heart Of The Matter - Don Henley (cool lyrics "youve got to put it all behind you babe, cause life grows on)
17. Happy To Be Stuck With You - Huey Louis (is this the happiest song of all time?)
18. June Afternoon - Roxette (Or is this?!)
19. Telephone Lines - Parallel Lions (sad lyrics, but the tune is an awfully happy one)
20. Fresh - Kurupt (my favourite song that continues zero meaningful lyrics!)
21. Shock Of The Lightning - Oasis (from their final album, a juggernaut of a rock/pop track)
22. Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne (sing it and feel positive, one of the best pop anthems)
23. Shadowland - Youth Group (from an Australian band, some intriguing lyrics and plenty of energy)
24. Free You - Art Of Fighting (how did this not become a hit in Australia? So beautiful)
25. Snow - Emiliana Torrini (Speaking of beautiful....less than two minutes, but with a lasting impact) 
26. Yesterday - Leona Lewis (Mariah Carey soundalike with heart-rending ballad)
27. Bleeders - Wallflowers (The band of Jacob Dylan - Bob's son - brings us one of his many hidden gems)
28. Right Now - Mike Shinoda (the rapper from Linkin Park digs deep and see things from others perspective)
29. Innocent Man - Billy Joel (a timeless classic) 
30. Some Might Say - Oasis (was my favourite song for a long time many moons ago, happy guitar pop)

Well, I was piling up a list where I was thinking, "yeah, that will be in my top twenty," and before I knew it I had thirty songs! That's what this is like for me; if you name a song I will often be like, "That's totally awesome, for sure it would be in my top 100." But then when you actually think about it, about all these songs, it probably won't make the top 300! So it can be hard. But really, throughout my twenties listening to music was virtually the major part of my life. My parents have never really been much into it. Though they do enjoy going to a good musical, it was always the television that was on in our home, or the football on the radio. It was a fairly foreign idea to put any music on, but I think this is true of most families, and in some cases it is also because it could be hard to find something for all to agree on, and in many ways music is a very personal experience (a part of why the Ipod is so popular). Except for at a live gig of course Very Happy

Here are the youtube links to just a couple of the songs above; from Holly Throsby and Angels & Airwaves. I love the videos themselves as well as the songs. Holly's is her official video, and the reeling in and out of the camera view is perfectly apt for the story. The A&A one is not their own, but I love the love story (even if it's just a dream) told anyhoo (created by a fan).


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Re: Music Thread

Post  gregrowlerson on Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:03 pm

Okay PPH, now to FINALLY reply to your actual post!

Though wait on...back to mine! Laughing I did not get a single Jimmy Eat World song in their! Do you hate me now? Laughing

With Jimmy, they have about seven or eight songs that could be in my top thirty, and probably the difficulty with separating individual songs is why I have left them out. Hmmm...Kill, 23, Carry You...probably posting that list far too soon Razz

We have fairly different music tastes, but the important thing is to be willing to discuss them. In that way sometimes peoples differences can rub off on each other.

Well immediately I am rather jealous of your God given pitch perfect vocals Very Happy

So do you have a family history of singing? My family has...zero!

Have you ever written your own songs? In anycase, choir singing is impressive, as is being a drummer

My parents would never get into deep stuff like Pink Floyd! But part of that problem is that they wouldn't try them first, and then persist with them. It's been said that Radiohead is the modern day Pink Floyd. Maybe, maybe not. My experiences with PF are fairly limited, but I did have a girlfriend who adored them - they were her favourite band - and even I got into them a little, though I must say that I haven't continued to try them much. Years before that I did get their greatest hits burned for me, but couldn't really stomach them. Never say never with music tastes though; I could well be a mega Pink Floyd fan in a decades time.

Phil Collins yes! Quite the fan, and my brother and parents are too. Though for me I haven't tried out the albums, just the hits Embarassed But Sususdia, Something Happened On The Way To Heaven, You're No Son Of Mine, Throwing It All Away, great songs!

For my top 500 list maybe!

My brother and I have some similar interests in music, though generally I have been a bigger fan than he, whilst he has been more into sports. I got him into rap music a little bit (especially G-Funk Cool), and in later years some of our tastes have combined. Angels & Airwaves are probably his favourite band too. It was so wonderful that we got to see them together in concert. He is also right into Bryan Adams and Billy Joel.

Though not into the more obscure stuff like Art Of Fighting! And he always strongly disliked Radiohead Laughing

My Mum loves the Motown stuff. We have a group called Human Nature who do all the old classics, and she has seen them a couple of times and been totally joyous! I acknowledge that they do what they do very well, but I am just not much of a fan of covers. I think it's hard enough for new or other songs to get heard as it is, without the same songs just being rolled out, and there really are so many great non popular songs out there! But I also think that people should do what gives them happiness, and a lot of people really do love to go and hear the same songs...it makes them sing and feel great, so that is the main thing.

I know nothing about the whole '70's and '80's punk thing. Perhaps it is something that I should explore. You mentioned Manic Street Preachers; funnily enough I bought a couple of their albums. There was about a five year period when I was buying virtually anything British from the '90's onwards! And so I found out about MSP via Oasis and other bands. I think they just weren't poppy enough for me to get much into them. I have rather simple taste actually and probably can't 'get' a lot of the deeper stuff that is out there that others are able to comprehend.

Outside of general pop music I have liked some of the more electronica side too, but they just are not my absolute favourite groups. Massive Attack have some wonderful songs, and their famous album Mezzanine is one of my favourites EVER; you can just listen to it all the way through and it's quite amazing, especially at night in a quiet setting. Hmmm....Angel could have been top thirty material too!

Sneaker Pimps were great also. They were a bit famous when they had the female lead, but actually produced a better second album without her, called Splinter. It's another gem that can be listened to from start to finish and is what a friend and I would term 'thinking' music. It may not be Pink Floyd, but still...

"So growing up I loved listening to music varying from folk music at one end to Alice Cooper and Meatloaf at the other." HAHA - you have one of the more varied music tastes for sure!

I pretty much missed the grunge thing...well that was my rap phase Razz But also grunge is maybe not that 'pop', and it's certainly rather sombre, not all that positive. Like with Radiohead, their lyrics can weird you out a little, but there was actually some positive high points to some tunes, maybe a bit more than the typical grunge. Did that Kurt Cobain guy ever smile? Well, yes, life can for sure be depressing, but it can very much be happy too. And we should try and see the happy sides of it as much as possible. But I think that some just see it as cool to be sad.

Which is sad.

For sure that there are some very clever artists in the grunge genre though. Take Dave Grohl; a ripper bloke and one of the greatest and most successful musicians of all time! And then there is Green Day; making political stands as well as producing some positive anthems. Highly prolific in their output too, and they remain just as passionate as ever.

"they are one of those bands who are big in America but couldnt get arrested anywhere else" - very funny phrase!

Okay, have to remember to give 311 a go! Trying them now on slow broadband connection, nice start to Love Song.

Comfortably Numb, Free Falling (oh yeah, love Jerry MacGuire!), Nothing Else Matters, I like those songs. I gather I would like Perfect...I have five Alanis albums, and she just released another so I will have to chase that up. She has many gems. Everything could be my favourite. 

Let us know how The Levellers gig goes.

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Re: Music Thread

Post  gregrowlerson on Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:06 pm

"Don't forget to win first place, don't forget to keep that smile on your face"

Yes, a top song! A rare non hit lol off the Jagged Little Pill Album. Interesting lyrics about the pushy parents syndrome. Go Alanis!

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Re: Music Thread

Post  princesspurplehippy on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:27 pm

That is a pretty cool list of songs, glad you liked Perfect by the lovely Alanis. I like it as it sounds like a lovely cute song but if you listen to the lyrics its about not a very nice subject

I've never written any songs as I'm not that talented but I always got told off in school for 'messing about' with the melody of a song I was being taught. 

I'm always up for getting into more different types of music, there are  lot of bands that I don't really like listening too but maybe a couple of their songs are on my faves list. 

What I don't like is when people say to me that I can't like a certain type of music like rock or indie and at the same time something like folk. Music is music no matter what and all thats important is how it makes you feel

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Re: Music Thread

Post  gregrowlerson on Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:34 am

I agree with you about your sentiments with music PPH. A lot of people restrict their ears too much to just one or two particular genres and because they see themselves as being 'punk' or 'rock' or 'folk' then it would be un-them like to actually listen to something else. As if they were committing some great crime! So yes, I am all for variety with music listening. Anything that makes you feel good Very Happy 

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Re: Music Thread

Post  gregrowlerson on Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:06 pm

My songs list really would be changing regularly! I've been rediscovering some lost favourites during the last six weeks or so, courtesy of refreshing my Ipod and loading on my 100 or so favourites. Only this past week I realised that this list which was compiled about two years ago was far from complete anyway, as I didn't get past L in the alphabet of artists! And having just gone through only 'M', we have epics such as Are You Alive by Michael Paynter, Steer by Missy Higgins (both good Aussie artists), a couple of gems by Mercury Rev...

And so forth Razz 

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Re: Music Thread

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