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Hippos and Crocs, Zambia Safari, June 2013

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Hippos and Crocs, Zambia Safari, June 2013

Post  Safariman on Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:56 pm

As a great deal of my time on my Lower Zambezi safari was spent on or near the water I have posted some photos of some of the hippos and crocs I came across.

"I really am a very happy person"

From a boat you could sometimes get quite close to a croc. before it disappeared into the water

Looking across the Zambezi River towards Zimbabwe

The red dot is a dragonfly that had attached itself to the croc.

There are 5 different bird species around the hippo. Cattle Egret, Hammerkop, Goliath Heron, African Jacana and Great Egret

Taken whilst having a picnic lunch, fortunately on the opposite bank of the inlet!!

"Did I hear someone just call me FAT!!!"

"He...He...He...I just cleaned my teeth....... on a passing zebra!!!!"

Hippo showing some of its many scars of battle.


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Re: Hippos and Crocs, Zambia Safari, June 2013

Post  Doogs on Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:54 pm

Another wonderful selection Safariman, thanks for posting them . . . there's going to be a few happy people on here at your Hippo pictures Very Happy 

Really nice shot with the hippo and the 5 different species of bird, I must admit I didn't know all of them so thanks for clarifying.

They are not my favourite animal but couple of great shots of the crocs. Cool spot of the bright red Dragonfly

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Re: Hippos and Crocs, Zambia Safari, June 2013

Post  Laikipia on Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:13 pm

http://i73.servimg.c  Safariman,  wonderful photos and great commentary.  I love the 'I cleaned my teeth' comment ROFL   I really do love hippos they are such funny looking animals so friendly looking and yet as we know they aren't!

Thanks for sharing another great selection from your Zambia trip.


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Re: Hippos and Crocs, Zambia Safari, June 2013

Post  littlewid on Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:36 pm

http://i70.servimg.c Hippo pics http://i77.servimg.c  they are really lovely Safariman, I love the im happy really pic and also the did someone call me fat, the comme tary is funny but the pics are so wonderful. I am a hippo fan so they have really made my day today, I know they can be not as cute as they look but they do have something really special about them and their faces are truely adorable.
Thanks neavens that croc was on the other side whilst you were having lunch, too scary otherwise. The He He ive cleaned my teeth pic is a great one, those teeth are something else arent they and he does appear to be smiling........ I hope he hadnt just eaten a zebra affraid 
A great post Safariman, thanks.



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Re: Hippos and Crocs, Zambia Safari, June 2013

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