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Abhorrent treatment of Tigers

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Abhorrent treatment of Tigers

Post  littlewid on Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:57 pm

I wasn't too sure where to post this. Firstly it's about Tigers so here seemed appropriate but then I thought it could have gone in WS' s Zoochosis thread as maybe afterall there is a case for good zoos and breeding programs to stop the complete extinction of our majestic Tiger if China has it's way. Sadly the zoochosis thread is not getting much response so for all Tiger lovers I have posted it here.

It seems that China will not be happy until they have completely wiped out this incredible animal and they become a creature of the past. China professes to be an intelligent country but I beg to differ because once they have eradicated the Tiger you could say they will all become incredibly ill and impotent and infertile because they will have no Tiger potions to aid them, however, lets get real here because all they will do is to move onto another animal, so in intelligent reasoning, there was nothing special in Tiger parts and they were decimated just because the Chinese felt like it and got away with it, they are flaunting all the rules of Tiger conservation and these animals are truely suffering, not just in declining numbers but also at the hands of these cruel people, the pain they must go through is just unthinkable and the mental torture must drive them to the end which sadly is what they must hope will happen, release from their torture.
I am truely saddened by this and just wish as an individual I could do more to stop this, it makes me feel pretty useless.


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Re: Abhorrent treatment of Tigers

Post  Laikipia on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:31 pm

I think you have posted this in the right place Littlewid, it deserves to be noticed and it truly sickening, distressing and utterly appalling.  We have said so many times how we feel about the Chinese and their behaviour towards animals, their mistaken ludicrous beliefs and their total disrespect for the rest of the world and this just sums it up yet one more time.

I am so Evil or Very Mad  Twisted Evil   I hardly know what to say, except that sadly I am not surprised and I can never see this ending.  Once the tigers are all dead what then?  except of course if they are breeding them specifically for 'their parts' the poor tormented, tortured tigers will always around as new generations are breed for this purpose.

Can't someone or some government do something?  Are we all so spineless that we let this happen? (I mean countries not us)


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Re: Abhorrent treatment of Tigers

Post  Cremecat on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:47 pm

I would like to consider myself as a broad-minded and unbiased person, but I have to confess that when I think about China and the Chinese, I am not. They really do not seem to have any respect for people or animals or any other forms of life. How is it possible that a nation with such a glorious culture in the past can turn to total barbarians? Every piece of news I read or hear of them tells how badly they treat their own people and their environment. And not just their own but others, too. I guess you all have read what they are doing in Africa, for example...

It is all so sad and disgusting.



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Re: Abhorrent treatment of Tigers

Post  whitestarling on Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:06 pm

This is the right place for this post LW, and although people dont comment on things we know they do read things on here, which hopefully makes them more aware of whats happening to the worlds animals today, plus this really could'nt be even classed as a Zoo of any sort. It's a glorified torture chamber, and cat be called anything else. The only thing the Chinese worry about is loosing face, they really dont care about animals or humanbeings in any way. The only way I can see to make their Government take notice is a World outcry from the Governments of this world who voice the outrage of the rest of the worlds population, although I'm not sure that would really have any effect. The one sure way to do it, is for there to be a World Boycott of Chinese goods, but we all know that will never happen, because of the need for Chinas economic power. With regards to what will happen when Tiger parts run out, it's already happening. As was posted elswhere on the Forum China, and Vietnam are already importing, and buying up Lion bones from South Africa with some Farmers there happly suppliing them from canned hunting carcass's they are also digging up old buried Lion bodies as well


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Re: Abhorrent treatment of Tigers

Post  radhu on Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:29 am

AH!!!This is so sick... Sad

they are so used to eat animals like that, snakes,crocs,tigers,insects, everything figures in their menu...! lucky homo sapiens are not included as food items!!

sad to know a majestic beauty like tiger is dealt with in such an inhuman way...

large number of tigers are still killed in india because of their demand in Chinese market
not just tigers, even rhinos.. they use their horn for medicines ...heights Evil or Very Mad 

still remember the pic of a rhino in paper, they killed his mother and the lil one is not sure where to go and he waits by his mothers dead body till forest guards saw him

it is so heart breaking! but people who eat them will never understand that..

somedays back another poacher was caught with tiger skin and bones!! when will someone throw light on them!!

poverty or greed what drives them to that extend is what needs to be studied!

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Re: Abhorrent treatment of Tigers

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