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Conservation & Environment Issues

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Conservation & Environment Issues

Post  littlewid on Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:23 pm

With our love and passion for all wildlife, conservation and environmental issues play an important part of their survival.Here we can share our knowledge, information and hopes for a sustainable balance. Please also use this thread to place any petitions and links that are relevant to the nature of this site regarding wildlife of the world that are linked with the topic of this thread or relating to Animal welfare. Planetary issues can also be placed here.
Discussions can be lively on these subjects so can we please remember to be respectful when posting.

One of the aims of this forum is to add support to causes that need our help. This is often achieved by signing petitions. Changes can be made to help improve the environment, highlight and promote conservation and improve animal welfare. Lets hope that together we can help to make a difference.


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