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5 KWS Officials Suspended

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5 KWS Officials Suspended

Post  whitestarling on Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:03 am

Kenya suspends wildlife officials in poaching crackdown

Kenya's government has suspended five officials from the wildlife service, amid growing concern over the poaching of endangered elephants and rhinos



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Re: 5 KWS Officials Suspended

Post  littlewid on Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:40 am

It's a good thing that the Government are taking it so seriously WS as the numbers are staggering. It does sound odd that equipment has been deployed but not used, I don't understand that one. I suppose with the Government running it, it will give an idea as to whether it's poachers are getting cleverer about poaching or whether the officials that are being suspended are somehow involved in the poaching rings........sometimes people in house are also involved aren't they.
I like that they are getting more equipment and also employing more rangers, that too can only be a good thing. It still remains all too sad that these beautiful animals are being killed for ornaments and so called medicines that don't have a dot of an effect so it will be interesting to see if things change with the Government being involved and I suppose if they don't it goes to prove poachers are becoming a lot more devious about poaching and the world needs to continue to fight against poaching.



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Re: 5 KWS Officials Suspended

Post  Doogs on Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:54 pm

As the old saying goes better late than never and in this case it's not too late but it's getting very close to it. Terrible that these guys have been employed to save eles and rhino but are not doing their job - the word 'mismanagement' has been used but it does not go into detail exactly what that means.

I agree LW, more equipment and rangers definitely a good thing and I'm sure these poachers are far more advanced these days in what they do compared to years gone by which is why the people trying to stop them have to be that bit more cleverer and one step ahead.

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Re: 5 KWS Officials Suspended

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