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Robins & Starlings

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Robins & Starlings

Post  littlewid on Fri May 23, 2014 6:21 pm

Britain's favourite bird the robin redbreast could be added to list of birds that can be killed legally

Proposals being considered to allow the removal of dangerous nests

Natural England claim the plan will improve health and safety without impacting bird numbers
Nests near kitchens, hospitals and inside railway signals could be legally removed

Nest removal for house building will still be outlawed under the plan

If this does happen I really hope it doesn't lead to people removing nests that are not a risk to health and safety. I am quite sad that these two beautiful birds are potentially being added to the list. I say potentially but I would imagine this will go ahead. I do agree with nests that could cause a serious accident but I am worried it will go to far as it often does.



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