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Membership Rules & Information

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Membership Rules & Information

Post  whitestarling on Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:02 pm

Welcome to Wildaboutanimals, the forum for animal lovers and those interested in conservation and the environment. We hope you enjoy the forum and will become an active member. We have tried to make the forum interesting and open to all aspects of wildlife and hopefully appealing to all age groups. For everyone to enjoy the forum there are obviously some rules that we would like all new members to read and sign before writing your first post, this will ensure we maintain a happy, friendly and safe forum for all our members. If there is anything that you don't understand, please feel free to PM one of the Admins, we are here to help and to ensure that everyone is happy and enjoying their time on Wildaboutanimals.

1) This site is open to all age groups, which includes Children so please remember that when posting comments pictures or jokes. At all times be respectful of each other.
2) This site can be accessed on the web and we are hoping for members from all over the globe, therefore please be respectful of others culture,sense of humour and language differences.
3) At times members who support Animal welfare, can be very passionate about issues, and at times there may be differing views. If in the view of any member of the Admin team, the issue is getting out of control. Then the debate will be ended.
4) If you have any problems on site please notify one of the Admins, please do not try and sort it yourself, it is what we are here for, you are here to enjoy yourself and the forum.
5) We do have a suggestions thread, so if you have a sugestion you would like us to consider, that may improve the forum, please PM one of the Admins. Suggestions are meant to improve the site and not an individuals personal gain.PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE IS TO BE NO ADVERTISING OF OTHER SITES OR BUSINESSES ON THIS SITE UNLESS IT IS AT THE PRIOR AGREEMENT OF ALL THE ADMIN TEAM. THE ADMIN TEAM HAVE THE RIGHT TO DELETE YOUR MEMBERSHIP IF THIS IS NOT ADHERED TOO.
6) Please be thoughtful about posting new threads, always check beforehand if there is already a thread with the same topic, this saves the site getting cluttered, if you are unsure as to whether to start a new thread please contact one of the Admins for help.
7) When posting pictures to the site, if they are not your own pictures always add the copyright or state they are not yours ( we don't want any legal issues). Please try and keep your pictures within the bandwidth of the forum, this stops posts becoming messy and messages being left unread. The bandwidth of a page should never be expanded to accommodate your picture.
8)This is a small rules list, however should things crop up that we feel need adding to the rules, a new rule will be added and a global message sent to everyone to read it.
9) One of the most important rules has been left till last, it's enjoy yourself and the forum and lets hope that rule 8 never needs expanding.

DISCLAIMER The Admin Team cannot be held accountable for any links to outside sites that are posted on wildaboutanimals. We do however, urge you to be responsible and thoughtful about the links you are posting.
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