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Warren Samuels

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Warren Samuels

Post  Doogs on Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:17 pm

Posted today via FB:-

"I'm off to film in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania tomorrow. The project is telling the story of how 3 different lion prides resident in and around Nomads Selous Sand Rivers camp and Kiba point camp, have developed a culture of hunting Giraffes. They have adapted to becoming extremely adept at killing Giraffes in this area. The film is for the "Nature Shock" series, and investigates how and why the Giraffes are becoming the number one prey on the lions hit list! We will be interviewing the lion researchers there and getting there take on this. I will be filming the wildlife with the same kit as shown in the photo on my timeline which i used in Samburu for the planet earth series. Quite a mission, to film lions hunting Giraffes anywhere and i have just over a week to do this...hmmm, could be both interesting and challenging! Communications is difficult there as we really will be in one of Africas largest and most remote wildernesses, but hopefully when im back will post some images of our experiences there".

Sounds a very interesting 'project' but there's just something about killing Giraffe that makes me go affraid

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Re: Warren Samuels

Post  whitestarling on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:08 pm

It does give you abit of a What a Face feeling Doogs, but to a Lion a Giraffe is just another food scource. Its strange how some Prides seem to specialise. I've watched a couple of documentarys where Prides have done that with Elephants, Hippos, and Water Buffalo. It's usualy down to a lack of other prey species, the area they live in, or the number of mouthsthe Pride has to feed. It will be really interesting to see what the reason is when it comes out.

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